Project sales & Marketing 

Queensland Property Leaders offer full service of project marketing with a focus on the North Queensland market.

We call ourselves leaders in project marketing, and we work with trusted network, national and international affiliates throughout the whole campaign. 

If you are looking for an award winning agent with KNOWLEDGE, ETHICS, EXPERIENCE and ABILITY to market your development project and work with global connections. At Queensland Property Leaders, we strive to deliver the best results to our clients. 

So get in touch with our team today, and you will be glad that you did!

One of our recent successful sales - Best Place Tingalpa -

 1 - 13 Best Place is a boutique land development in the central suburb of Tingalpa. 

This successful development has been so popular. We sold this land to the developers Ention Properties and working on the land subdivision and branding.

We decided to call this beautiful estate - BEST PLACE

WHY? Because it's so close to the Brisbane city but you can still enjoy your peace of mind here. 

We are proud to putting Tingalpa on the map and helping drive the value of this hot suburb. 



Best Place
Best Place plan
Best Place site
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