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Tenancy Forms

Submitting an application

Please find our rental application forms above. All applications can be submitted online or in person at the office, at the inspection, email, or by post.


Required for submission of tenancy application

Please note it is a requirement for each individual over the age of eighteen (18) years to submit the following:

  • 100 points of identification 

    • 40 points each - Driver’s license, birth certificate, passport & 18+ card

    • 20 points each - Electricity, telephone, bank/credit card, Medicare card or statement.

  • Personal details

  • Details of your current and past addresses

  • Rental history including rental references

  • Personal & professional references

  • Details for your next of kin

  • Employment contract

  • Employment details & history or proof of income

  • Last two (2) payslips

  • Letter from a government agency showing parental payments or other form of disability payment

  • Bank statements showing savings or large sums of deposited money


*NB Failing to complete the entire application for tenancy and all the required attachments will result in delays and could jeopardise the possibility of your application being processed.

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